Home Study Course

This online video series illustrates the exact Schübel Systems communication strategies that we practice in our many successful practices worldwide and which are taught in our hugely popular Schübel Vision Seminars.

Watch them over and over in the privacy of your own home until you too are a master. The procedures illustrated in these DVDs will give you the authority, confidence, mindset, and communication strategies that you need to build an ethically profitable practice.

This may very well be the greatest investment you ever make in your chiropractic career. Learn why so many doctors from around the world are telling us,“This is absolute gold!”

Practice in a Box

This package contains literally EVERYTHING that you need to optimize the mindset and communication strategies in your office.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use our products to create the ethically profitable practice that both you and your patients deserve.

This package is our best value as it offers absolutely all our videos, brochures, report of findings manual, office forms for a fraction of the price that it would cost you to buy each item individually.

Poster Series

Looking for posters that communicate your message effectively while beautifying your office environment? Studies show that “branding” is extremely important to the success of any business.

We have done all the branding homework for you with these powerful, vibrant, and professional series of Chiropractic posters that are a must in every successful Chiropractic practice. Our posters promise to:

1. Deliver the message clearly.
2. Confirm your credibility.
3. Generate referrals.

Our clients are raving about the effectiveness and beauty of these best selling posters!

Educational Brochure Package

These colorfully vibrant and professional brochures have been designed to wow your patients while helping them to clearly understand the Chiropractic message and communicate it to others.

These brochures promise to:

1. Accurately inform and educate.
2. Generate Referrals
3. Build credibility


Report of Findings Manual Package

This colorful, fully illustrated, and professionally designed report of findings manual is just what you need to send your practice members home on report night with the information they need to choose you for their Chiropractic care. This package promises to:

1. Generate referrals
2. Establish Credibility
3. Position you as the leader of true health care in your community.

We know they work because we use them every day in our offices around the world. Invest in these report of findings brochures today and watch your new practice member conversions reach levels that you never thought possible!


Office Form Package

No need to hire a graphic designer to have the best Chiropractic forms in your practice. We have already done it for you.

These professional designs and formats are used daily by successful Chiropractic offices around the world. There are 15 essential office forms included in this set.


Inspirational Epigrams

Dr. B.J. Palmer was famous for placing epigrams all over the walls of the Palmer College.

These epigrams will inspire and motivate you, your staff and your practice members.

Share your passion and understanding for Chiropractic by adorning the walls of your office or home with these artistic epigrams.

Seminar Registration

Why should you go to a Schübel Vision Seminar?


“Just got done watching some awesome Schübel Systems Videos with our new CA. After watching the Group Report of Findings, she turns to me and says, ‘I am so lucky to be working with you. I don’t understand how anyone could say this is not true!’

Turned the light on in another one! Thanks for everything!”

Mark Wade

Express your innate capacities to the world

Schübel Systems provides the tools that allow people to express their innate capacities to the world through powerful and impactful communicative strategies.

Attending our seminars and using our products are experiences that empower, transform, and motivate people from all walks of life to find their purpose and reconnect with their passion for living.