Featured Why should you go to a Schubel Vision Seminar?

1. Results that pay off instantly

It is not uncommon for Schubel Vision attendees to experience surprising breakthroughs in their communication skills.
Participants often report immediate success with the communication strategies they learn from us on “The first day!”, as one Schubel Vision attendee recently told us.
“I have been practicing for ten years! I thought I knew it all. I was astounded how some simple, basic, communication tips have increased my client retention”, reports yet another satisfied participant.
“I never knew practice could be this easy, FUN, and profitable! The life tips I received the first night were worth the entire trip. My wife not only wants me to go back but she wants to go with me! Thanks Guys.” – Dr. Seth

2. Informative, Practical, Exciting!

This workshop is so informative and fun, you will be excited to get back to the office to implement some of the many tools taught over the weekend.
You will be able to communicate more effectively and more clearly than you ever thought possible. You will learn the internal and external communication language that builds high referral, high retention, and HIGH PROFIT offices!

3. Build a lifetime of joy while promoting a world of optimal life expression.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new graduate, this two day workshop will make you a better communicator and a better doctor.  Our life skills class will improve your interpersonal relationships with your family and your team.

You will learn:

1. PROVEN methods of HOW to attract new practice members into your office, starting on Monday.

2. How to avoid the “million dollar mistake”

3. What simple, employee hire can boost your income substantially, year after year.

4. The information patients really want to hear in order to commit to care

5. What the most valuable piece of equipment you own is and how to use it to its fullest potential

6. How to have a full life while running a fun, high value, high profit office.

7. Time tested strategies that generate internal referrals.

8. What? You want more? Then commit to your success today and learn it all in a fun, fast-paced, action-packed, entertaining and love-filled environment with Dr. Jack, Dr. Judd, and Dr. Liam.

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Schubel Vision Seminars
Dr. Jack, Dr. Judd, and Dr. Liam


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