Dr. Michael Stickloon, D.C.

“My goal was to expand and open up a chiropractic center in another country in South America. This multi-media kit gave me all the necessary tools to create and develop my own chiropractic center from its conception to its opening day. I refer to it at any moment that I need to and I always carry it with me. It is my guide. My chiropractic assistants even have the confidence and security to do their jobs with excellent results. I am ready!!!”


Dr. Erik Waardenburg, DC

“Your system saved my life. I really feel that God and fate planned that we met. Every day I focus now on what I can do to save the lives of others through the power of chiropractic. Your advice and your system liberated this man from a self imposed mental prison of 32 years. I am now free!!! I am living in abundance and will continue to do so serving the world.”

Dr. Emily A. Broniak, D.C.

“ I arrived in Peru exactly 4 days after graduating from chiropractic school ready to solve the problems of the world with the Schübel Systems. After less than three years here I have given many health talks in the community, I have done many interviews on national televisión and radio and I have opened a successful office. Most importantly though is that I have touched the lives of thousands of people. I couldn’t be happier with my experiences or the oportunites that await me! Thank you Schübel Systems for giving me the means and support to go out and adjust millions of people with certainty. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to grow as a chiropractor, educator, business person, and friend of your organization. ”


Dr. David Serio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Immediately after attending your seminar I saw more people than ever and as I said your brochures rock!!!. You got me so fired up I haven’t been sleeping. Love, Dr. David Serio”